A Market leader in Installation, Diagnosis and Repair

Formed in 1997, J.Lewis Auto Electrical is a market leader in the electrical repair and diagnosis of bus and coach systems.

We currently have a number of fully trained auto electrical technicians operating within the UK. Our Electricians are required to attend regular training courses to keep us at the forefront of constant changes to vehicle electrical systems and control systems.

All jobs come to us through our central control office so that we are able to distribute work between technicians and ensure quick response times.

Fire Suppression on Buses in the UK and Ireland

The engine compartment in a bus is narrow and hot, with many potential hotbeds. A hot engine shares a limited space with hydraulics and fuel tubes, electric installations, compressors, heaters and much more that can constitute fire hazards.
The course of event of a fire in an engine compartment is often fast and difficult to suppress with only a hand extinguisher.

Internationally Fogmaker delivers to the largest European Bus Manufacturers. In the UK and Ireland Fogmaker has protected vehicles operated by Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, Arriva, Go Ahead, Stagecoach, Metroline, London United, National Express and many more. Fogmaker can be retrofitted onto all bus and coach types.

Fire Suppression Case studies


Fire Suppression Haulage Campaign

When you are one of the most recognisable multinational organisations in the World the safety and working environment of your employees is paramount. When logistics and transportation are fundamental to that organisation the safety of your drivers, safety of your fleet, your reputation and public perception are of utmost importance...

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Crossrail Project

J.Lewis have been external contractors for the Government's Crossrail project. During this time J.Lewis were used to fit collision avoidance systems to underground machinery and also completed general electrical work. Fogmaker was chosen as the fire suppression system to be installed on a number of machines used in the creation of the underground network...

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London Bus Fire Suppression Campaign - Conversion from Powder

Prior to the introduction of Fogmaker Fire Suppression the majority of fire suppression systems installed on buses in the UK were powder based. Increased space constraints and emissions targets meant that the danger of engine bay fires had increased significantly. At that time, with no viable alternatives, operators only option was a powder based system...

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