The first UNECE type approval of a Fire Suppression system as a component with regard to UNECE Regulation No.107 has now been issued by the Swedish Transport Agency to Fogmaker Fire Suppression.

The Fogmaker system has been tested in accordance with the latest editions of UNECE Regulation No.107 at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE institues includes Innventia, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Swedish ICT), appointed Technical Service by the Swedish Road Agency.

The latest editions of UNECE Regulation No.107 editions include a fire testing procedure for fire suppression systems for engine compartments of buses and coaches with four tests extracted from SP method 4912.

The requirement of installation of fire suppression systems applies to the vehicle. The fire suppression system manufacturer's UNECE approval will be used as a part of the bus manufacturer's vehicle approval for UNECE Regulation No.107 concerning fire suppression systems.

In Europe the new updated UNECE regulation No.107 will be legislated. To find out more about the regulation please click here.

By J.Lewis Auto Electrical Ltd


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